Terinex International Ltd.

Terinex was established in 1976 primarily to service the smaller plastics processor located in Quebec. Since that time, we have grown to become suppliers, not only to small companies, but also to companies of international stature located primarily in Quebec, Ontario, and the Maritime Provinces but also throughout the rest of Canada and parts of the USA.

Through these many years and during considerable expansion one thing has never changed, Terinex's dedication to personal service and quality.

Terinex can be considered in the broadest sense, a raw material supplier; in some cases acting as a sales agent, in others as a distributor.

Terinex has also developed a purchasing function, buying from our customers their obsolete stock and waste products, and either having these materials recycled or resold into a suitable applications.

For your needs in;                                                                                COLORANTS, ADDITIVES, PRECOLOURED RESINS, ENGINEERED RESINS or any special projects, please do not hesitate to contact your Terinex representative. It is always a pleasure to answer your needs in a professional way.